Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

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Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

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“This is my top referral for anyone who needs their marketing to work more effectively
Chad Clements

Owner, Dat Band

My name is Joe Fontenot.

I help Nonprofits build shorter paths to their donors through marketing strategies, smart websites, and custom copywriting.

My name is Joe Fontenot

I help nonprofits build shorter paths to their donors.

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How Nonprofits and Startups are Reaching their Audience Without a Marketing Budget


What others are saying…

“Minimalist Marketing is loaded with solid research and easily digested ideas. Joe gives us a vocabulary and a system to get traction in our marketing.”

– Jack Allen, PhD, author of The Mindset for Success

“As soon as I started reading Minimalist Marketing, I had a hard time putting it down.

– Ashley Brooks, PhD, owner of Restoration Counseling

“This book should be the go-to guide for anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging your customer.”

– Josh Taylor, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, University of Mobile

“If you are struggling to get your message in front of your audience, Minimalist Marketing is the answer.”

– Francis Jones, owner of KHJ Consulting

Looking for a more hands-on solution?

Here’s what my team and I can help you with:
• build a website tailored to your needs
• using proven marketing principles
• with an easy-to-use backend
• so you and your team always have control.
Here’s what I can help you with, one-on-one:
• develop a clear marketing strategy,
• write website or email content
• so that your audience understands your value.
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If you keep bootstrapping it…

I won’t try to talk you out of it. Entrepreneurs and nonprofits are naturally resourceful. That’s how you’ve gotten as far as you have. Some have grown as much as they want. And that’s okay. No shame.


If you’re not done growing. If it’s your desire to expand your market, open a second (or third) shop. Or find a blue ocean where your compeition doesn’t exist, then you need to take the next step.

Let’s get your marketing working for you.

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