Copywriting to clarify.

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Copywriting to clarify.



My name is Joe Fontenot.

I spent a decade helping nonprofits move humanitarian aid to Africa and Latin America.

Today, I help brands tell their stories.

I do this through copywriting.

Unlike journalism, which is about informing. Or fiction, for entertaining. Copywriting is about persuading.

According to the research…

You don’t have any room to be fuzzy here.

A study from the Nielsen Norman Group* found that you’ve got about 10 seconds to grab attention.

So why focus on copywriting?

Because the right words are the backbone for everything else in your marketing.

But not all copywriting is the same…

Copywriting is often thought of as sales letters, website text, or email automations. And that’s all great.

But copywriting is also found in carefully researched white papers, customer-centric how-to’s, and even FAQs.

Where should you use copywriting?

Pretty much anywhere you’ve got words. But a great starting point is your website and email nurturing campaign.

(And if you don’t have one of those, you definitely should. But don’t worry, I can help.)

What’s the process like?

It’s easy. We talk and I do all the hard work. I ask questions and learn about your marketing: what’s working — and what’s not.

Then, I’ll help you troubleshoot a solution.

So… what’s next?

You’ve got a few options. If you already have a project in mind, you can send me a message, and we’ll set up a call.

Or, if you’re not quite sure where to start, send me your website, and I’ll evaluate it for the 5 key elements.

How does your website measure up?

I’ll evaluate your website for the 5 key areas that will either make or break your site.

Or, if you’re still not ready…

You can check out my book, Minimalist Marketing.
(Which, by the way, is about a lot more than copywriting.)

Minimalist Marketing

Learn how nonprofits and entrepreneurs are reaching their audience without a marketing budget.


What others are saying…

“Minimalist Marketing is loaded with solid research and easily digested ideas. Joe gives us a vocabulary and a system to get traction in our marketing.”

– Jack Allen, PhD, author of The Mindset for Success

“As soon as I started reading Minimalist Marketing, I had a hard time putting it down.

– Ashley Brooks, PhD, owner of Restoration Counseling

“This book should be the go-to guide for anyone wanting to get ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging your customer.”

– Josh Taylor, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, University of Mobile

“If you are struggling to get your message in front of your audience, Minimalist Marketing is the answer.”

– Francis Jones, owner of KHJ Consulting

How to get started.

Send me a message. We can set up a call and talk about a new project. Or just get to know each other better.


It’s an old copywriter trick…

The P.S.

Everyone reads the P.S. But why? Because the fear of missing out does strange things to us. 

But…that’s not what I’m here to tell you.

What I really want you to know is: copywriting isn’t magic.

That’s right.

If you’ve got a bad product, no amount of marketing or writing will change that.

However, If you’re offering real value. Something you know is making a difference — something people want.

But still…

…is it not getting the traction it should?

Then click any of the red buttons above to get started.

I’d love to help.