A Theme for Community-based Churches

The Revive Theme

Before people visit your worship service, they visit your website. The Revive theme gives you an online presence that gently helps potential visitors decide to make that first step and visit your service.

Built by a StoryBrand Guide

This theme was designed by a certified StoryBrand guide according to the official StoryBrand specs.

Comes with an Exclusive Marketing Guide

Each of our themes comes with a marketing guide to make sure your website converts visitors into customers.

9 reasons the Revive theme is right for you

Conversion-Based Design

We start with beautiful sites, and then design to convert visitors into buyers.

Built on Divi

Divi powers millions of WordPress and offers nearly endless customization.

Powered by WordPress

WordPress powers over one-third of the internet because it is easy and reliable.


1-minute Setup

We’ve done all the work for you so that installation is a breeze.


Regardless of the screen size, our themes will make sure your brand looks its best.

Drag and Drop Editing

See the changes you make as you make them.


SEO Friendly

Whether you download a plugin or use it as is, this theme is equipped for SEO.

StoryBrand Principles

Our websites are each designed by StoryBrand certified guide.

Video Tutorials

Elegant Themes’ has created dozens of video tutorials.


Our 100-day money back guarantee

We offer a 100 day grace period to return if the theme isn’t right for you. That is, on average, 3x longer that most developers. Why? Because we believe in our work. And we want you to have the best product on the market.

What others are saying

Wow!! This is amazing! I am the new owner of a retail business and have needed immense help in revamping the company website. This has made an overwhelming task instantly feel quite easy. Highly recommended.

Andie & David Stagg

Business Owners

This website has helped transform my book launch so that I could reach many more people!

Adam Harwood


Five Round Rocks is the small business force multiplier you can’t afford to NOT partner with. This is my top referral for anyone who needs to find better ways to market their product or services more effectively!

Chad Clemments

Business Owner

Download the Revive Theme

Get the full child theme (along with the full premium Divi license) for $99. Or, if you already have a copy of Divi, you can get the child theme only $59.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Divi License and why do I need one?

Divi is the canvas our themes live in. What makes Divi so special is that it can be customized to just about whatever configuration you want. And when you make minor changes (like updating your text or pictures), it gives you a front-end editor to do it all in. In other words, Divi lets your website grow with your company. And this is why we bundle it into our theme packages.

What is a custom website?

That's where we talk with you, understand your needs, and then build a website based on your needs. It includes one-on-one time.

How much do custom websites cost?

Most standard websites are between $2,000-4,000. Bigger projects can be $10,000+, depending on the nature and needs of the site.

What if that's out of my budget?

That's okay, we offer child themes you can download. We build the same conversion-based marketing into them, but you do it yourself. They start at $59. (And we'll include a guide for set-up and marketing tips.)

What is a child theme?

A child theme picks up where its parent theme left off. We use Divi as our parent theme. It's extremely powerful. And so we've customized it, using StoryBrand and other proven conversion-based systems to not only give you a beautifully designed website--but one that converts visitors, too.

How does it work?

You first install the parent theme and then next install the child theme. It's pretty straightforward, but we include a detailed tutorial (with marketing tips, too) to walk you through it.

What if I don't have a parent theme?

That's okay, you can get it through us. In fact, when you do, you'll save over $200.

Explain the savings

Divi is a theme designed for developers. It's the engine behind millions of websites online today. But it's expensive: $99 per year, or $250 for the one-time unlimited license.

When we do custom websites, we build them on Divi. So now we've extended this to our child themes, too.

When you buy a child theme bundled with Divi, you'll get the fully developed child theme, as well as the entire Divi suite, all for $99.

I've already got divi, can I just get a child theme?

Yes, we offer those with and without Divi. Child themes without Divi is $59.

What if I need help setting this up?

That's okay, too. This is a good middle option. We won't do any custom work here, but we'll help you install the child theme, and we'll use your logos and brand colors, and we'll plug in all the wires for you. This service is $399.

P.S. If you buy the theme and decide you want help, you can grab the service option, and we'll put what you paid for your theme toward the price of setting it up for you.

What if i buy a child theme, but decide I don't like it?

Bottom line, we want you to be happy. We'll give you up to 100 days. If you don't like it, we'll take it back! No questions asked.

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